From retro to minimalistic, there’s a lot going on with men’s white sneakers. Shop our favorite white sneakers by Saint Laurent in US!

Shop Men’s White Sneakers by Saint Laurent

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Sneakers are the best comfy shoes. From jogging to running errands to special dates, sneakers are undoubtedly perfect! White sneakers are the current fashion favorite trend for guys. From all white to accented, the white sneakers in Saint Laurent Spring Summer 2017 collection contain many covetable styles for all occasions. Rock the trend with white sneakers by Saint Laurent.

White sneakers were seen in most of 2017 menswear collections. Chic and statement, the white sneakers in Saint Laurent collection are definitely the easiest to pull off!

We saw high top sneakers, sneakers with contrasting colored laces like silver, red and black. Patchwork and embroidered sneakers were also prominent on the runways. If you are looking to make a statement, then go for sneakers with a dash of metallic. Choose sneakers with metallic colors just at the back of heel or lace.

You don’t need a specific occasion to pull off this trend. But, if you are particular about your dressing then wear them to work on Fridays, pair them with shorts and a tee to get the perfect street style look, or rock them with the athleisures. Also, try the metallic sneakers for night outs to have all eyes on you!

White sneakers work well with all the colors in your closet. Pair them with faded jeans and white tees, or an all-black outfit. You can accessorize the white sneakers with messenger bags, backpacks and aviator sunglasses.

Style tip: For a special date put on a blazer over a solid colored v-neck tee paired with skinny jeans and complete the look with patchwork sneakers. Match the patchwork on your sneakers with your smart phone case. Sure bet that your girlfriend will be amazed by your style.

Rock the latest trend of white sneakers. Shop our favorites here!